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The quickest way to know about me is to take a look at my Linkedin profile.

As you can see, I have been "enterpreneuring" for a while . I have spent many years abroad, changing country quite often, and this gave me the opportunity to meet many interesting people while forcing me to focus my activities on environments where the location and physical presence were not important. Obviously internet and related services offered a perfect candidate.

My training is essentially technical. I have a couple of very recognized security certifications (CISSP, OSCP) and a lengthy career in the world of technology and the Internet. Furthermore, because of my experience establishing and developing on-line businesses in several locations (Singapore, Malta, Catalonia), I have acquired very significant managerial skills and my own ideas about how to best structure (Lean) and run (Kanban) international and distributed projects.

My exposure to the Cloud began long before it was a trending topic and when no one knew about AWS. During the development process of Cloudways I have been in contact with most of the technologies around the Cloud and been a firsthand witness  to the frantic evolution of the concepts around it. This has been an interesting journey and a very good lesson on how to keep focus and direction in such a volatile environment.

Cloudways has evolved from the tiny original idea to becoming a very well-known player in the PaaS arena, with thousands of customers around the world, triple-digit revenue growth and proudly bootstrapping all the way.

For the last year, I have also been mentoring young startups within the Startup Catalonia Catalan government program. These include Genomcore (Genomics services platform) and Eventis (a SaaS to build event related websites).

If you think I can help you in any way, don't hesitate to get in touch. Spending so much time in the cloud, I love to interact with real people and listen to their stories. 

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