AWS Auto-Scaling through the Management Console: Forget the command line!


Amazon has just released Auto-Scaling support through a graphical interface in the AWS Management Console.

Previously, getting Auto-Scaling to work was not a simple endeavour. You needed to download the Auto Scaling Command Line Tools and the Amazon CloudWatch Command Line Tools and go through an involved process (uncommonly for Amazon) to get the stuff working.

This opened a business opportunity for some. Up-to-now we have always been using EZAutoscaling service to set up auto-scaling for our customers. Now this business opportunity seems gone.

The graphical process Amazon has created seems straight-forward:

  • First you define  a Launch Configuration (that defines characteristics of the servers to be automatically launched).
  • And then you define the Auto-scaling Group that basically defines when and how auto-scaling will happen.

This is a long-time awaited feature that will make AWS customer very happy and some other people (like EZautoscaling guys) very unhappy. Life is not fair.