Web Hosting Interview - Pere Hospital March 2016

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HOSTSEARCH: Thank you for giving us an opportunity to talk with you today. Can you please introduce yourself to our visitors? What’s the story of your career and how did you end up as Founder/CTO?

PERE HOSPITAL: Thanks for having me. I have been involved with IT and systems all my life, first as sysadmin of a large company in Spain, then moving into an IT Security role in which I was involved in the online gaming industry and finally I set up my own security consultancy business. Around that time Amazon launched AWS and I thought all the cloud stuff had a huge potential and bought the Cloudways domain. Not much later,I proposed the idea (still fuzzy) of a "managed cloud system" to my current partners in a meeting in Thailand and here we are.

Nowadays, I do many things (as any founder), so CTO is somewhat of a legacy title but I try to get a full overview on all technical stuff happening at Cloudways (which is a lot) and contribute where I can. I am currently very focused on building a scalable customer success team and setting up the processes that will allow us to keep growing smoothly.

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