CoreOS, now what?

So a war has started. Just to check how bad things have got so far, go over this HN thread where, in my humble opinion, Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hykes let his anger get the best of him. 

A lot has been discussed already about the timing, the language and the motives of CoreOS Rocket announcement. As an active user of both CoreOS and docker, what I am really interested to know is what will happen now. So I asked:

Surprisingly, both Brandon Philips (CoreOS CTO) and Solomon Hykes answered it. This is the full exchange:

So, as per above HN article Solomon's comments and his "migration grace period" here, the Docker boss seems definitely pissed off with the CoreOS move, which bodes ill for the future relation of these key players in the containerization scene. 

Ben Kepes adds fuel to the fire suggesting that maybe dark forces are behind all this:

As an aside, and looking at the bigger drivers behind this, I see a couple of big vendors behind the scenes in this news. Both Google and Pivotal had a lot to lose by Docker’s increasing momentum and I suspect there are some backroom deals to give CoreOS the confidence to go out on this limb.

So as things stand today, we are heading for some hot Christmas. Hopefully everyone will get back to their senses once the heat subsides and something good will emerge out of all this. Like more competition, so more incentives for both Docker and CoreOS's Rocket to get better and more open. 

But by now, people like me, working with both projects, are left with many more questions than answers and some tough decisions ahead. If any one has a clue, please comeod forward!