Elastichosts: A robust and flexible Cloud Infrastructure provider

This is my first post on this blog and I will start with one of my favourite Cloud Infrastructure ( IaaS ) providers: Elastichosts.

Elastichosts is a provider based in the UK, offering data centers in the UK (2), Netherlands (1) USA (3), Australia (1) Canada (1) and Hong Kong (1).

Elastichosts panel offers a very easy and intuitive way to launch and manage your virtual servers. Let's have a look:

Elastichosts Web Panel

Here you can see that we have already created two servers. One started (uh-vpn-113) and one stopped (cw-scan). You can see also how easy it is to add a new server. We also have a static IP assigned to our account.

Once we added the server, we can configure it very easily:

Elastichosts Server Configuration

As you can see, we can choose the processor speed (CPU), amount of memory (RAM), the type of network card, disks and many other parameters.

A very interesting Elastichosts feature, and one that you will not find in many other providers, is the ability to access the server via VNC. This allows to access the server from the moment you turn it on and before the operating system loads . This is extremely helpful to fix / diagnose errors that occur before the server has booted and can save your (or/and your customers) life in certain situations .

Another interesting feature that you can find at Elastichosts are SSD drives . Such discs offer much higher reading / writing speeds  than conventional discs and are ideal for disk intensive applications that require the highest possible I/O speeds such databases.

This is a very quick overview of what Elastichosts can offer. Take a free trial of their services for five days to check for yourself.


SUMMARY: Elastichosts is a very flexible Cloud Infrastructure provider with some features that are not easy to find in other providers. Prices are also reasonable and discounts are offered for longer term commitments. Geared to people / businesses with good tech skills as they offer pure Infrastructure on top of which we have to build our systems.