As said in a previous post, I want to start broading a bit the topics I write about. 

For this first post on entrepreneurship, I wanted to focus on something you are going to need tons of if you are going down the entrepreneur way: FOCUS !



Focus is your ability to relentlessly pursue a very well defined target following the straightest execution line.

This in the context of entrepreneurship, of course. You will hear this word a lot of times, and having had my fair share of experience as founder and mentor of startups, I promise you that is one of the most important (besides pure luck) factors for success.



As a founder you are going to have three million distractions. Myriads of items that will, also relentlessly, pop up from nowhere  to block your way to your target. 

Being able to navigate those with the minimal detour from your straight line is extremely important. And not creating your own distractions, is equally important.

Focus will give you speed and speed, in the crazy startup world, will give you a competitive advantage.  



  • Get Organized

First of all you need a target, of course. Get one. Then plan for it. Knowing your target, draw a journey to it in different steps. Define where you want to be by the end of the year, knowing that decide where you need to be by the end of this quarter, and then get there through short sprints (i.e. two weeks) with extremely well-defined outcomes.

  • Do Less

Don't do ANYTHING that is not getting you closer to your target. Don't setup your own servers if it is not core to what you do. Don't get that customer if you do it just for the money. Don't visit that investor if you don't know what you want the money for. Don't go to that conference if it is just to be seen. 

Cut the crap, outsource the rest and JUST do what is core to your idea and moving the needle to get there. 

  • Stop Listening

Entrepreneurship is very similar to football in the sense that everyone seems to know everything even though they have no f...... idea about anything. 

If you listen to everyone you will pivot so hard that you will throw up. Worse, you will not even trust your own footing. 

Listen your gut, VERY FEW selected people and keep going. Then maybe you have a chance. 


All in all, if you try to keep always in mind where you are going and how, what you are about to do, affects your path there, it is not that difficult. Promised!