Get your hands dirty with CoreOS on DigitalOcean


If you have been following my blog, you will have noticed my increasing attention on projects revolving around docker. From Century Link Panamax, an uber docker manager, to the growing list of docker orchestration frameworks popping up from everywhere. Truly exciting times. 

At the very foundation of each of these projects, in one form or another, there is a handy piece of software: CoreOS

CoreOS is a very light weight and extremely resilient operating system geared to clustered deployments (it is advised that the minimum CoreOS cluster should contain at least three hosts). CoreOS, unlike other operating systems, doesn't provide any application. It just has an absolutely minimal functionality to allow for the deployment and management of software containers (so docker boxes nowadays). Any application you want to deploy on top of the cluster, you need to do it within a container. 

Acknowledging the growing popularity of CoreOS and the increasing number of developers playing with it and starting to build solutions on it, Digital Ocean has just announced that you can easily deploy CoreOS on top of their infrastructure. 

I already did!

Here you have an amazingly well crafted series of articles that will take you from noob to, well, noob+1 in the exciting CoreOS world:

Getting Started with CoreOS

You will get to know how to use etcd to share information within the cluster, deploy docker containers, create services and so on. Not for the lighthearted but if you put the time and the effort, you will get a glimpse of how extremely powerful container orchestration frameworks can be and most probably will have a front seat on the revolution within the cloud revolution that this will bring.