How Bitcoin Can Help Greek People To Pay For International Services

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I had a wonderful experience yesterday related to Bitcoin and how it can help ordinary people. I thought I must share.

I like to keep in touch with “Cloudways realities” by taking care of tickets and chat, every now and then. It is a must to understand customers’ problems to move things forward. Yesterday, a ticket caught my attention in which a Greek customer was struggling to pay last month’s invoice.

His name is Vaggelis. He is working at a Web Design and SEO company in Athens, Greece.

Of course, you have all heard of the problems Greek people are facing for a while now. Things got worse when the banks were shut down and the limitation to withdraw 60€ per day was put in place. Additionally, international payments via Credit Cards are not working either. This has made things very difficult for plenty of people like Vaggelis who work with international services of any kind (like, Cloudways).

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