How to transition from an old campaign to a new campaign with

Long time no writing. 2015 has been a very busy year at Cloudways, which is good. Unluckily that meant no much time to care for my blog. Anyway, although 2016 looks even busier, I have made amendments and will do my best to retake it!

I will be shifting also a bit the content of the blog. I have been mostly posting on technical stuff and mostly related to cloud. I will broaden this to other topics, all orbiting around entrepreneurship that I am coming to know something about. 

So without delay, let's get started :)

For those of you that don't know about it, is a platform to send very well targeted emails to your audience (customers, users, visitors ...) based on events or attributes. We use it heavily at Cloudways and I have come to be very fond of it. Huge untapped potential yet.

Here not going to do a tutorial on it, but explain something that is not even on their KBs. How to transition from a multi-email campaign (with active people going through it) to another new campaign (also multi-email). We have had to do this recently and is quite uncharted territory. 

Define a new segment with people IN your old campaign

In our case, besides other attributes, that it is in old campaign is defined by the fact that he/she was sent the first email in the email series of the campaign. 


Define a new segment with the people NOT IN the old campaign

Trivial. Same attributes but that have not been sent first email in old campaign series this time. 

Modify old campaign so only people who have already started it will continue

First we add as a filter the new segment we created for people who already got the first email of the old campaign (the ones we want to continue in it). 

And now we make sure that the first email of the old campaign will NOT be sent again (so no new people will fall in the old campaign segment).

New campaign only for people that was never in old one

And in the NEW campaign we have created, we add the segment that we defined before to ensure that only people NOT already in old campaign will be processed.


In this, somewhat, simple way, we ensure that people that started the old campaign will finish it and all new people in the trigger segment will go through the new campaign. After a while, emails sent from the old campaign will dry out (as all people in it completes the series) and then we can fully stop it and delete the segments / remove the filters we created for the transition. 

That said, most probably this is something should add in a more automated way as can't imagine that this is such an exceptional use case.