My answers in Clarity

For those of you who don't know it, Clarity is a portal for startups to get advice on different topics from people that (in theory) know what they are talking about. Peer review helps find the right people for the right stuff. 

I have been using Clarity to get advice for Cloudways (Tom Williams has very good reputation and has been extremely helpful) and trying to help myself, where I can. 

I am compiling here some of the answers I have given there that may be useful for someone.


Starting & Funding

Fact or Fiction? You NEED side a job when creating a business because there is no way to make money for 6-12 months

What are some of the most common obstacles when bootstrapping?

Which is the best stage for a startup to get funding?



What does enhancing client experience via online means to you?

What are the best practices for defining metrics to my tech team?



What is the best way to setup "click-to-cloud" instance deployment for a PaaS and what services can do this for you?

How do you approach moving a large site onto a CDN?