Panamax: Yet Another Docker Cluster Manager

So as Docker gets ultra hot, the Docker Cluster Management arena a.k.a. tools to help you orchestrate Docker containers over different physical / virtual hosts and deploy applications on top of them, gets burning too.

I recently wrote about several emerging container orchestration frameworks.

Say hello to a new contender: Panamax 

Now my former favorites and the projects that I was keeping a closer eye into were Deis and Flynn. Please note that Flynn is not even production ready (they say they will soon be) and Deis, even if they have some production deployments, not widely distributed either. But we have already newcomers pushing from behind. 

After taking a quick look (Panamax was just released last week), will try to point out to some similarities and differences I have found between these several projects:

  • Panamax is based on CoreOS as it is Deis and (partly) Flynn.
  • Panamax comes out of Century Link that is much more a heavy-weight (they count  AppFog between their acquisitions) than Deis and Flynn proponents. This can give some more leverage and visibility to Panamax at this crucial stage of market shaping.
  • Panamax comes with a library of application templates (a kind of Github repository of dockerized applications). This could really be a killer if they are able to create a strong community around their product and offer a comprehensive library of optimized applications, ready to deploy on top of their platform. 
  • Centurylink is extremely well positioned in the Docker community, thus has better chances of engaging people around Panamax, which I think will be critical in the competition to lead the Docker orchestration market. 

It will be extremely interesting to see how all this evolves and how all these forces building around Docker gain or lose momentum. 

If you are in a situation, like me, where you are trying to choose some project to start building production stuff upon, times can be challenging. Things move so fast that you can't go on holidays or else you will know nothing when coming back. 

Anyway, nothing to do but keep all senses on the play-field and hope to make the right bet. Good luck to you all!