Prestashop In The Cloud


It is always very good when people write (positively) about your service without you even knowing it. This has happened this week with a Prestashop user and Cloudways. It was also an interesting chain of events what finally brought a very nice article. Let's follow them!


All started with a Reddit thread in which the possibility of having a fast Prestashop running in the cloud (and specifically on Cloudways) was being discussed. didn't seem particularly convinced about it:

[–]dh42com 1 point 17 days ago
I don’t believe that is the fastest way to run Prestashop. You should do some actual testing.

To which our community manager replied: 

[–]AhsanParwez 2 points 14 days ago
I did some tests, reported load time as 912ms. That is mighty impressive!
And reported site load time as 1.1 second. You can test it out yourself too they have 30 days of trials with almost all features accessible.

And to surprise:

[–]dh42com 2 points 11 days ago
After testing, I am going to have to eat my words on this one. The speed is there and I tested a a site under a lod and it preformed well too.

And to our surprise, he went so far as to write this amazing review of our Click&Go service focused in Prestashop and its performance!

This is one of those scarce moments in an entrepreneur live when problems are forgotten for a while to rejoice in the work already done!