Real persona conversion rate in

Those who have been following me for a while, know that I am a real fan of It has really helped Cloudways a lot, and after years of using it, we continue to extract new value in new ways.

There is something though, related to how it measures success of your campaigns, that is a bit annoying. Let's check these campaign metrics e.g.: 

In this campaign, 56539 emails were sent and 53.6% lead to a conversion (as you have defined it in your campaign). 

Now it is nice to know which percentage of all emails sent lead to someone triggering the conversion event but, I think, it is much more interesting to know which is the percentage of people entering the campaign, who converted after running through the different emails of the campaign. doesn't offer any direct way to know it. I checked with them and are aware of this limitation and may add it in the future. By now, we are forced to do our own math. 

This particular campaign has 3 emails in total. The first is sent to everyone that enters the campaign, of course. The second and third (sent 4h and 12h after the start respectively), are only triggered if conversion was not achieved in the previous step. 

Now, if we check above data, we see that 30302 people have converted in this campaign history, So what we need now to calculate the "persona conversion rate", is the total number of people who entered it. This we can easily find if we get the metrics for just the first email of the campaign:

Here you see that we have chosen the first email in the campaign and that 38588 people entered this campaign

So now it is easy to calculate the "persona conversion rate", simply dividing the total conversions by the total people who entered. 

This tells us that 78.52% of the people who entered the campaign, converted. Which is very nice to know and something could easily provide. 

But what happens if you want to know the monthly persona conversion rate, instead of the historical one for the whole campaign?. Things get trickier and more manual work is needed. 

We need first of all to find out the total number or personas who entered a campaign in a given month (we will calculate it here for the month of May). allows us to get it, using the monthly view and filtering it to show only the first email in the campaign as seen before:

So here we see that for the month of May, we sent the first email of the campaign to 2610 people.

Now we need to find out the total number of emails sent during the month of May. We simply show the number for All Emails in monthly view to get it:

So, the number is 3559 emails sent in total for the month of May.

The last piece of information that we need is the email conversion rate for May (so which percentage of those total emails lead to a conversion). This is found in the Performance tab of the same monthly view:

So, we see the email conversion rate for May is 56.8%.

Finally we have all the data we wanted and we can proceed to calculate the persona conversion rate for the month of May:

Total people converted in May = 3559 x 56.8% = 2021,512

Total people entered campaign in May = 2610

Persona Conversion Rate in May = 2021.512/2610 = 77.45%

You can easily create a spreadsheet with data for all months, plot it ...

I really wish will do all this for us sooner than later.