The Power Of Zabbix User Parameters

A couple of month ago I wrote an article about how to monitor monthly bandwidth using Zabbix. In the article I explained how to use user parameters to achieve it.

At Cloudways, we have just launched a whole new set of monitored items for our Power Cloud service, ALL of them based on user parameters.

These include:

  • Aggregated Bandwidth
  • APC Hits and Fill Ratio
  • Memcached Hits and Fill Ratio
  • Varnish Hits and Nukeds

Each of these new items is being collected via a user parameter. It expands the capability of Zabbix to the point of being able to monitor nearly anything. And what is better, all the work that we have done with the user parameters is directly applicable to Sensu (a new, hugely capable monitoring framework, that we use for our new Click&GO product).

Sensu checks can be any type of script and Zabbix user parameters are just that, scripts. So we can re-use them straight-away.

All in all, for us Zabbix and Sensu offer and outstanding approach to monitoring.

Zabbix being a more integrated product, easier to deploy and manage and Sensu along with Graphite, an incredibly flexible and powerful framework to take your monitoring to the next level.