Web Hosting Secret Revealed Interview - Pere Hospital September 2017

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Since Cloudways (www.cloudways.com) was founded in 2011, it has grown to 50+ employees to tens of thousands of servers for thousands of customers within the Platform. This was all accomplished in six short years, with much of that growth in the last three years. There are a number of secrets to Cloudways’ success which all types of businesses can learn from.

Cloudways co-founder Pere Hospital took the time to talk to us about just what it takes to build a company that is as successful as Cloudways. Hospital started a company in Spain called Secways. His background is in IT security and he was playing with Amazon EC2 in its early days.

“I thought that the cloud would really pick up one day, and figured that a migration from traditional hosting (plenty of companies with servers in a closet at that time) to cloud would eventually happen,” said Hospital.

He admits that at the time his vision was a little blurry, but when he bought the Secways domain, he went ahead and registered Cloudways with the idea that his vision might one day come into sharper focus.

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